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Fail from the Crypt, Part 2
The Magic Balloon, Episode 3: Fails from the Crypt, Part 2
Setting: A creepy hill in the outskirts of Stupid Town that is dark. Like in the previous part, it is late, and thundery. Let's make that a new word. Deb is dressed darkly, carrying two bodybags up the aforementioned hill.
Music: Main Boss Castle from New Super Mario Bros.
Deb: If I could turn back time, I would. I killed my two closest friends, and now I'm talking to myself dramatically. This sucks. Why? WHY?!?! NOW PEOPLE ARE GOING TO THINK THAT I'M SCHIZOPHRENIC!!!
Police: Uh, ma'am? Does there happen to be a problem?
Deb: *Nervously* Uh... N-nope! Nothing at all! N-n-nothing's wrong! Heh... Heh...
Police: Well, uh, you're carrying to bodybags up ol' Creepyass Hill, and your dressed like a runaway criminal, which you probably aren't, seeing how you're a main character with good intentions. Also, you're schizophrenic. May I check those bags?
Deb: NO!!! DON'T!!!
Police: Okay then. Carry on.
Deb: Barely escaped... Well, time to
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Global Warming Affects us All by Metallemmy Global Warming Affects us All :iconmetallemmy:Metallemmy 2 2
Fails from the Crypt, Part 1
The Magic Balloon, Episode 3: Fails from the Crypt, Part 1
Setting: The living room of Sparkles's house. It is in the wee hours of the morning, and a thunder storm is going on. Sparkles and Buddy are sitting on a couch, watching TV.
Music: Main Boss Castle from New Super Mario Bros.
TV Narrator: Now, we will be back to our unbearably quiet horror movie marathon after these incredibly loud messages!
Sparkles: Nothin' beats B-Movies on a Saturday night, eh, Buddy?
Buddy: Morning, Sparkles. Morning.
Sparkles: Sorry. Hey, waita' second... This movie is about two stupid guys watching TV during a thunderstorm, and talking about Saturday ni-
Buddy: Morning.
Sparkles: ...Morning B-Movies!
Buddy: We'd better run!
Sparkles: Yeah! Or giant claymation spiders will eat us all!
Buddy: That horrible! Wait... This one's not claymation! It's a puppet! That's even worse!
Sparkles: Oh no! Your chronic fear of puppets!
Buddy: *Crying* Why does this have to happen to us?!
Deb*: *Jumps up from behind the co
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Eeew... by Metallemmy Eeew... :iconmetallemmy:Metallemmy 2 10 April Foolery by Metallemmy April Foolery :iconmetallemmy:Metallemmy 1 3 Sappy Songs by Metallemmy Sappy Songs :iconmetallemmy:Metallemmy 3 12 Race to Win by Metallemmy Race to Win :iconmetallemmy:Metallemmy 1 17
Employees must Wash Hands
The Magic Balloon, Episode 2: Employees must Wash Hands
Setting: A public restroom. It is run-of-the-mill, not too shabby, nor too neat.
Song: Dragon Road Night Version from Sonic Unleashed
Sparkles: *Walking out of bathroom stall* Ah, wasn't that refreshing? Course, I gotta' wash my hands or else people won't shake hands with me... Hehheh... Again. Now, lets see... Soap and water... *Washes hands* Done! Hey, waita' second... I still have soap on my hands! The usual routine, yet again... Soap, and water... *Washes hands again* Gasp! Soap! Yet again! Why must this be happening to me? Well, soap and water it is...
Narrator: 2.4 hours, 73 minutes, and 54 seconds later...
Sparkles: *Washing hands* Dangit! Not again!
Buddy: Hey, uh, pal... Do ya' need a little help there?
Sparkles: Yeah. I can't seem to get rid of this soap on my hands, no matter how many times I wash them!
Buddy: Dude, that's not a sink. It's a toilet. A toilet. Toooileeet.
Sparkles: Huh? Oh yeah, I don't even have hands!
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Nodoka Miyazaki by Tchernoben Nodoka Miyazaki :icontchernoben:Tchernoben 96 7 pokemon ditto sex machine by shinyscyther pokemon ditto sex machine :iconshinyscyther:shinyscyther 1,207 251 Pokemon Nerdism by Ahnyks Pokemon Nerdism :iconahnyks:Ahnyks 4,037 131 Pokemon: Nyoron by WhiteTequila Pokemon: Nyoron :iconwhitetequila:WhiteTequila 703 83 Scott pilgrim VS the world by Koma404 Scott pilgrim VS the world :iconkoma404:Koma404 44 7 Earthbound by FenixOfTheFlame Earthbound :iconfenixoftheflame:FenixOfTheFlame 8 3 Hank Hill by FenixOfTheFlame Hank Hill :iconfenixoftheflame:FenixOfTheFlame 6 1 Rival Gary by FenixOfTheFlame Rival Gary :iconfenixoftheflame:FenixOfTheFlame 3 0 Roxanne by FenixOfTheFlame Roxanne :iconfenixoftheflame:FenixOfTheFlame 2 0 Brawly by FenixOfTheFlame Brawly :iconfenixoftheflame:FenixOfTheFlame 8 1 Wattson by FenixOfTheFlame Wattson :iconfenixoftheflame:FenixOfTheFlame 2 0 Brock by FenixOfTheFlame Brock :iconfenixoftheflame:FenixOfTheFlame 6 2 Red by FenixOfTheFlame Red :iconfenixoftheflame:FenixOfTheFlame 12 2 Blue by FenixOfTheFlame Blue :iconfenixoftheflame:FenixOfTheFlame 8 0 Leaf by FenixOfTheFlame Leaf :iconfenixoftheflame:FenixOfTheFlame 14 0



United States
Current Residence: The Kanto Region!
Favourite genre of music: Various, mostly anything from a videogame, or metal. Anything but rap.
Favourite photographer: Lots...
Favourite style of art: Digital, Manga, Non-objective Abstract, and of course, miniaturized.
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano.
Shell of choice: My Torterra's.
Wallpaper of choice: PARTY PARTY JOIN US JOIN US.
Skin of choice: I like the skin that's made of real dog people!
Favourite cartoon character: Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Trainer Red, Mega Man.
Personal Quote: "I was frozen, today!"
About two weeks ago, I jokingly decided that it would be fun to fave a picture of every single Pokemon in existence, in their 'Dex order. I have finished that goal, and now have 493 additions to my Favorites gallery. Go ahead and check. Most importantly, I thank every single artist that worked on each picture, for helping me prove that I need a life. Well, now I can go back to faving things normally, with no schedule! Thanks, bye.
  • Listening to: Bicycle Theme - Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver
  • Reading: I am America (And so can you!) by Stephen Colbert.
  • Watching: AFV, America's (Un)Funniest Videos.
  • Playing: Pokemon Crystal.
  • Eating: Fried panda! The endangerdment adds flavor!
  • Drinking: An unborn baby's blood.


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